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Hi, I’m Julie Ann Gauthier

Leadership Coach

I help leaders increase their effectiveness by focusing on behaviors and assumptions that are holding them back. See below for ways to work with me and let’s work together to help you become the leader you want to be!

Workshops & Speaking Events

I love sharing my strategies in group settings. Whether it’s a workshop, conference, lunch & learn or something unique to your organization, I can tailor the session to suit your needs!

Leadership Coaching

Are you ready to strengthen your leadership skills? 

Combining one one one coaching with The Leadership Circle Profile™ assessment is an effective way to increase your leadership effectiveness.

Goal Setting

The first step to achieving your goals is knowing what they are. Together we will get clear on what you want to do and then make a plan to make it happen! 


Time Management

When someone asks how you are do you respond with BUSY? There never seems to be enough time. I will help you maximize your time to be your most efficient so that you have time for fun in your life!

Personal Values

Knowing what matters most to you allows you to build a life that reflects your values. We will work together to ensure you are clear on your values and then learn how to say no to anything that doesn’t meet the criteria.

Career Exploration

It’s ok if you don’t know what you want to be when you ‘grow up’! Or maybe you do and you’re looking for support on how to get there. Wherever you are in your career I will help you create professional goals and game plans to keep you growing. 

About Me

I am passionate about helping leaders find their confidence. I understand the challenges of leadership and want to use my experience to help others!

Growing up in PEI I always knew I would be an entrepreneur one day (just like my dad). I just didn’t know exactly what that would look like. After several years in the corporate world, living in other parts of the country, I’m happy to be back home and finding new ways to help people achieve their full potential.



Julie Ann is a great mentor and motivator. As a mentor she provides resources, connections, and information. As a motivator she is there beside you, cheering your successes, and driving you to push through your mental blocks and restrictions. If you are looking for someone to drive your personal success, keep you on track, and push your self growth, she’s your gal!

“When I started the Coaching sessions with Julie Ann, I was unsure of what the outcomes would be.  I knew I wanted to develop and understand what my goals in life were but never knew how to approach it.   After 12 weeks my life  has become so much more positive.   I’m on my way to achieving my goals and understanding where my thoughts and feelings come from.   Julie Ann guided me through a process of accessing my values and facing the roadblocks I’ve put up to achieve my goals.   Julie Ann is very empathic and professional.  She has a versatile toolbox that can help you gain clarity, make changes and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side.  I highly recommend Julie Ann.”

“Working with JulieAnn has been one of the most eye opening experiences for me. Before we started our sessions together, I felt like I was in a rut and I just didn’t know how to move forward. She helped me understand what my values and needs are which has helped me to start shaping the goals that I want to work towards both personally and professionally. She listens and challenges my way of thinking while always maintaining a professional and positive demeanor. JulieAnn is a tremendous coach and I am so excited to continue to work with her!”